The Final Episode of Lost

Lost aired the final episode last night, which involved Jack corking the Island’s wine bottle. Now I’ve ruined the lives of anyone who hasn’t seen the final episode. You’re welcome. My friends decided to have a Lost finale party, where we eat diner, then watch 2 and half hours of Lost and probably twelve hoursContinue reading “The Final Episode of Lost”

Ideas That Won’t Change The World #1

1. Why do people always freak out when they untwist a soda bottle and it fizzes over? Why don’t they simply twist it back down? I’m glad surgeons don’t freak out. “Oh crap! It’s gushing everywhere! Quick! Put it over the sink!” 2. In an effort to be more green, the US should grow soldiers.Continue reading “Ideas That Won’t Change The World #1”

Waxwork II: Lost in Stupid

From the Bunny Droppings Files: I watched the leatherman of bad movies. This movie is the all purpose, multi use, universal bad movie. It was bad sci-fi, horror, and comedy wrapped into one. The best part is it featured the acting talent of Bruce Campbell, Marina Sirtis, Drew Barrymore, and that guy that starred inContinue reading “Waxwork II: Lost in Stupid”