It’s The End of the World as REM Knows It: The FAQ

Q: And they feel fine. Jerks. A: I know! As for the rest of us, the seaweed is dying. Dead seaweed may not seem particularly world ending but as your leading humor crackpot theorist, trust me the world will end. Mainly because seaweed provides oxygen and without oxygen metal doesn’t rust. Without rust, industrial townsContinue reading “It’s The End of the World as REM Knows It: The FAQ”

Random Conversation

From the Bunny Droppings files: Now a random conversation from when I worked in a call center: Client: It sounds like you are eating lunch. Me: I am. Client: What? Me: Crunch N’ Munch. Lunch of champions. Client: And that’s why your not Micheal Jordon. Me: Celebrities advertise for food they probably never eat. ParisContinue reading “Random Conversation”

Nice Kitty. Please Don’t Maul the Stock Broker.

Attracting a big cat no longer requires flexing those guns for your best friend’s mom while you rake her lawn. Calvin Klein has a cologne scientifically proven to grab the attention of that special cougar. Lovemaking will be in your future with this scent. However instead of your friend’s mother, I mean Jaguar and insteadContinue reading “Nice Kitty. Please Don’t Maul the Stock Broker.”

Mentos: The World Saver!

Warning: Reading this humor piece may result in cerebral hemorrhaging and other conditions… Because we still want you to read the rest, we include a vague reference to “other conditions.” The list could be as long as McCarthy’s blacklist or a scraped knee. We do this for the same reason why drug companies say, “SideContinue reading “Mentos: The World Saver!”