Castle of The Walking Stupid

Put on the breaks! Castle of the Walking Dead is an action-packed, non-stop, thrill ride of completely inane film making. The movie blasts off with a scene where a shackled Christopher Lee (who is notable for his acclaimed role as Dr. Fu Manchu (some sort of white wizard)), is sentenced to quartering because of theContinue reading “Castle of The Walking Stupid”

Fantasy’s Fantasy Worlds

From the Bunny Droppings Files: I’ve always wondered if demons in an alternate dimension played role-playing games about people living in our world… Bellorfaus: I turn down the ally to lose the cop. Granorak: You’ll need to pass a drive check. Bellorfaus: I don’t have the drive skill. Can’t I make dexterity check? Nifflandik: HumansContinue reading “Fantasy’s Fantasy Worlds”