Fantasy’s Fantasy Worlds

From the Bunny Droppings Files:

I’ve always wondered if demons in an alternate dimension played role-playing games about people living in our world…

Bellorfaus: I turn down the ally to lose the cop.

Granorak: You’ll need to pass a drive check.

Bellorfaus: I don’t have the drive skill. Can’t I make dexterity check?

Nifflandik: Humans don’t let people drive until sixteen blood moons! They probably had to train all their lives.

Granorak: I remember when my grandpa made his twentieth blood moon.

Bellorfaus: I do have Lore: Action Movies so I’ve seen enough people driving!

Nifflandik: You are always trying to use that stupid Lore skill!

Granorak: My grandpa ate the entire Darlokkin clan. He was such an awesome guy.

Bellorfaus: It’s my best skill!

Nifflandik: I can’t help it if you picked a skill that we are never in a situation to use!

Granorak: Ok, ok! Roll lore at minus four.

Bellorfaus: See! I told you… Twenty! Wohoo!

Granorak: You avoid the cop. Nifflandik your character…

Nifflandik: I want my character to make out with a hot babe!

Granorak: You picked the nerd class. You can only make out with hot girls in exchange for money.

Nifflandik: Can I roll my Internet check to find a cheap one?

Granorak: Let’s see the rulebook. It says here, there is a chance that the girl might be a sixty-year-old man.

What would their characters be like when they reach higher levels?

Nifflandik: I sell off my software company for more hot babes.

Granorak: You already have fifty million hot babes.

Nifflandik: I got to make up for all the sixty-year-old men I met on the Internet.

Granorak: Ok fine, Bellorfaus, you are sleeping in a pile of beer cans. Your landlord pounds on the trailer door and awakens you.

Bellorfaus: I sneak out the back window.

Granorak: You get stuck in the window.

Bellorfaus: Can I roll a Lore: Exercise Television Shows check to suck in the fat?

What monsters would they fight?

Granorak: You are attacked by a horde of anti-trust lawyers. They attempt to subpoena you. You have the initiative.

Nifflandik: I use my fax blast attack. I rolled a 19! Critical hit!

Granorak: Ok, the lawyers fax systems are down for the count. They return with a PR Campaign of Striking… Ok Bellorfaus, your character is attempting to arm wrassle Jimbo for his pig…

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