Sergeant Says Happy Holidays!

The Holidays are a time filled with family and cheer. What better way to spend Christmas than with text you can cut and paste into your Christmas cards: Sergeant: Sergeant says stand on one foot. The whole platoon stands on one leg. Sergeant: Sergeant says Happy Holidays. Platoon: Happy Holidays! Sergeant: Sergeant says twirl yourContinue reading “Sergeant Says Happy Holidays!”

The Goonies – 2005

In celebration of visiting Oregon this Christmas, I decided to round up an Oregon related Bunny Droppings file. Ever wonder what those Astoria based 80’s adventurers are doing twenty years later? Here’s a chance to find out: Chunk – Became a male stripper. Incorporated the truffle shuffle into his set. Widely successful. Had three seasonsContinue reading “The Goonies – 2005”