Alien Music Exchange

The recent discovery of many possible earthlike exoplanets is exciting to the probability of finding life elsewhere in the universe. The big question is what will we say to that first intelligent species we meet? I’d imagine Hello for starters. Maybe with a follow up question like Habla English? After we do figure out howContinue reading “Alien Music Exchange”

The Great Robot Race

Robots are about to embark on a right of passage shared by Olympians and The Biggest Loser contestants alike, running around a track over 400 times for a marathon. I am all for the robot revolution. I wistfully envy the vacuum bot in most households. Sign me up for the self loading dishwasher. But runningContinue reading “The Great Robot Race”

5 B-Rated Valentines Day Ideas

Love is in the air. Birds sing. Bees make honey. The population of America curls up with their loved one and hands them a special note. All this can only mean one thing, a big fat payday for Hallmark. I now present to you, “5 Ideas That Won’t Change Your Valentines Day” inspired by B-RatedContinue reading “5 B-Rated Valentines Day Ideas”

Barbarians Fear No Ragnarok

For the last couple of days, Albuquerque has suffered usually low temperatures. New Mexico is woefully unprepared for weather that may require long underwear. Luckily, our governor has declared a state of emergency for weather most states consider as a mild winter. Due to the extreme lack of long underwear in New Mexico, Ragnarok hasContinue reading “Barbarians Fear No Ragnarok”