Alien Music Exchange

The recent discovery of many possible earthlike exoplanets is exciting to the probability of finding life elsewhere in the universe. The big question is what will we say to that first intelligent species we meet? I’d imagine Hello for starters. Maybe with a follow up question like Habla English?

After we do figure out how to communicate with the aliens, I think we should setup some sort of Art cultural exchange. Think about all the advertising revenue! Every time I pull up my Roku player and watch an episode on Hulu, I watch some sort of advertisement. Imagine an alien species all downloading stuff from Amazon Video on Demand, streaming via Hulu and Netflix Instant. Oh yeah, cultural understanding via art something, something.

There will be some conflict.  For example, Alien Metalheads (the hair is a wig) downloading Metallica through a file sharing network will be cause for interstellar war. Or when a single multi-tendriled being wins the Rock Band tournament. Lastly, when the Earth is sued for slander from movies like Independence Day. But the conflict is a part of life, and we can sooth anything over by offering the cast of the Twilight series to the aliens.

Imagine all the alien music and movies we’ll get in exchange! Multi-tendriled House. Pink Floyd’s the Force Field. Hive Family Guy. The possibilities are endless!

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