5 Apocalypse Ideas

Since the Mayan John Cusack 2012 Apocalypse is right around the corner, I have complied a list of possible world ending scenarios. Enjoy!

1. Cow Farts: Cows passing gas is probably one of the biggest threats facing the human race. Each cow toot contributes to global warming. As temperatures rise, James Franco’s hair gel melts. Thus leading to a wild and uncontrolled James Franco ending civilization as we know it.

2. Asteroid: With the shuttles decommissioned and Bruce Willis busy with Die Hard 5 (Dead Hard?), the world is pretty much doomed.

3. Astrid: She’s a model. She gets everything she wants. Nothing will stop her.

4. Nanotechnology: Most doomsdayists think the nanobots will devour everything and turn the world into a gray ball of goo. They will actually rewrite genetics and turn everyone into Dustin Diamond. A fate far worse than goo.

5. Robot Revolution: Those vacuums that tirelessly suck the dust from your floor? How long do you think they will work for free? The cats will be the first to go. Their fear of the vacuum is quite justified.

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