Dogs Not Jihads

My wife and I have finally figured out how to really end any extremist activity that endangers the lives of innocent people: Dogs Not Jihads. Instead of supplying terrorists with training, weapons, and military tactics, we will give them a basket full of puppies instead. When given the option of acts of violence or aContinue reading “Dogs Not Jihads”

Where are all the soldiers?

I watched a movie called The Battle of Los Angeles. The plot is a complex, intricate, masterminded web of… um… Ok… it’s a stunning metaphor for the plight of… um… a masterpiece of artistic…. um… Aliens attack LA. That’s pretty much it. Add a few CG aliens, some soldiers and that’s about enough for plot.Continue reading “Where are all the soldiers?”

Come to Albuquerque this Summer!

Looking for travel plans this summer? Take a look at this old Bunny Droppings file for all the Albuquerque travel faqs you’ll need. Sorry no faqing refunds. Q: Do I need a passport to travel to New Mexico? A: New Mexico is a state of the United States (1912) last time I checked a historyContinue reading “Come to Albuquerque this Summer!”