Not Another Robocalypse!

After watching this video, I thought that the robot overlords now have a fully functionally samurai. Least we forget the function of samurai in medieval Japan: Peasant: Honorable Samurai, please defend us from the evil warlord that steals our rice. THWACK! HACK! SLICE! Other lawn mower and bone crunching sounds! Peasant: Sweet! Thanks honorable samurai!Continue reading “Not Another Robocalypse!”

A Sharp Sword Chock Full of Doom

With great joy, I announce that my band has recently been labeled as a combination of Pink Floyd and Doomsword. I don’t know what makes me happier: my band being compared to one of my favorite bands of all time (If I only had a fraction of their talent, my friends would say “Oh! Lucky!”)Continue reading “A Sharp Sword Chock Full of Doom”

What Era Are You?

I saw Midnight in Paris, written and directed by Woody Allen, with my wife last weekend. We were the youngest members of the audience, a fact that isn’t surprising considering the Transformers 3 opening weekend was playing in the theater next door. Despite the older crowd, the viewing was not really that different than Transformers.Continue reading “What Era Are You?”

Awoo! Ufo’s Over London!

The wily online is at it again. This time there are UFO’s over London! I believe in alien life in the universe. The possibility of aliens visiting earth doesn’t seem entirely wackadoodle. However, this recent UFO extravaganza has a certain “Blair Witch” feel to it. Speaking of “witch”, where is Josh? Josh? JOSH? Where isContinue reading “Awoo! Ufo’s Over London!”