A Sharp Sword Chock Full of Doom

With great joy, I announce that my band has recently been labeled as a combination of Pink Floyd and Doomsword. I don’t know what makes me happier: my band being compared to one of my favorite bands of all time (If I only had a fraction of their talent, my friends would say “Oh! Lucky!”) or the fact that a band with the name of Doomsword exists. What is a Doomsword? The English teacher in me says don’t make wild conjectures and do your research. The humor writer says half the fun is wild conjectures! Wild conjectures it is then.

I’d imagine a Doomsword as the leatherman of the gaming world. Once your Barbarian Elf Raider (dressed like a Ancient Mongol Henchmen from eighties fantasy movies), has the Doomsword, there ain’t no stopping that hack and slash machine. Goblins pillaging peasants, not a problem with my Doomsword. Skull Helmet Guy getting a little bawdy with your favorite tavern wench, Doomsword time. Local lord being a dick because you are some lousy adventurers… You can do whatever you want! You have a Doomsword!

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