One Backpack to Rule Them All

My wife is about to buy a backpack simply called Q. Which is an amazing name for a bag due to a variety of reasons. First and foremost, Q is an omnipotent being, from a place called the Continuum, who uses vast cosmic power to tool around with the crew the from the Star TrekContinue reading “One Backpack to Rule Them All”

Tron Fights for… Jeff Bridges?

Before I start my regularly scheduled humor post, I want to put everything thing out on the table. I feel no reason to hide the fact that Jeff Bridges has a country album. Nor should Jeff feel any shame in joining the musical actor ranks of William Shanter, Joe Pesci, and my personal favorite LeonardContinue reading “Tron Fights for… Jeff Bridges?”

Bring Me My Mead!

According to a study, rich people are more prone being less socially conscience. I know I speak for downtrodden when I say… duh. I can’t think of a society in all of human history where the wealthy didn’t stay on the top from the sweat and toil of the poor. Kings, emperors, shoguns, and various royalty knewContinue reading “Bring Me My Mead!”

15 TV Pilot Failures

From the Bunny Droppings files: 1. CSI Leave It to Beaver – The first episode involved a lot of a vomiting from the Beave and Wally. Eventually, Wally downward spiraled into heroin addiction. 2. V: North Korea – The Aliens began worshiping the Kim Jong-Il like a god and wondered what the hell happened? TheyContinue reading “15 TV Pilot Failures”