Post 100: The Chain Post

Welcome to post 100 of Ideas That Won’t Change The World! I wanted to do something special for this post. A memorable post past down through generations… Pulitzer winning commentary…  a comic moment that anyone reading will think back and say “I was there.” Instead, I wrote the first ever chain post that you canContinue reading “Post 100: The Chain Post”

What’s Better Than a Food Fight?

My wife cringes at the thought of printing food. Whereas, I rejoice in the idea that I can simply click “Yes” to the question: Computer: Would you like to print dinner? Me: Yes. Computer: Are you sure? Me: Yes. Computer: I don’t think I believe you. Me: Just print the food. Computer: Is that allContinue reading “What’s Better Than a Food Fight?”

Why You Should Support Student Loan Forgiveness

I’ve finally heard of an economic stimulus plan that really makes sense.  During the meltdown of 2008, lots of money was given to bailout the large companies that failed. To my understanding, the companies were given wheel-barrels full of money because they were deemed “too big to fail”. Is anyone with me when I say,Continue reading “Why You Should Support Student Loan Forgiveness”

Ideas That Won’t Change the Clothing Industry

Does fiction mimic reality? Or does reality mimic fiction? The lines are increasingly blurred in what I like to call the fantasy driven reality. My wife and I recently watched an episode of the The Next Generation where Moriarty tricks Picard into believing a holodeck simulation is real. For those of you whom avoid literatureContinue reading “Ideas That Won’t Change the Clothing Industry”

Korn Fights for the Rights of Drivers!

Technorati apparently needs me to write a code into my blog in order for it to be included in their directory. WKKYJ6T53RMS Rather than grumble and complain about what will the readers think? I’ll attempt to turn it in into a new internet acronym like LOL (Laugh Out Loud) or ROTFLMAO (Good Chuckle Old Chap,Continue reading “Korn Fights for the Rights of Drivers!”