Due to my anniversary this weekend, my post will be brief. In celebration of not being in the dating scene, enjoy this Eharmony profile video:

I’m sure your reaction was similar to mine: Is this for real? This lady is cray cray! This can’t be real. Yep, it’s definitely not real.

After watching the video, my wife and I decided to watch her other videos. I almost felt sorry for her. She is like a stand-up comic with one really solid joke but the rest is really flat. That’s not to be confused with lack of talent. I certainly believed it was real in the beginning. But every other video was notoriously not funny with one fleeting on sort of maybe funny. She had an idea good enough for 15 million views, but could not sustain viewership to her channel with good material.

Thus the lesson of the day: If you can’t produce quality material, enjoy the 15 minutes.

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