10 Ideas For Your Next Hell House

A Hell House is a particularly awful tradition of ignorant people showing that abortions happen with chainsaws and will send you straight to hell. Instead of creating something vile and inaccurate, I’d rather focus on inaccurate. Here are some ideas that will not change the Hell House. 1. The Rapture Room – While the officialContinue reading “10 Ideas For Your Next Hell House”

15 Awful Ways To Put Trick in Trick-or-Treat

1. Dress as Ronald Reagan and give out I.O.U. trickle down notes. 2. Give out Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with a leak in the package. 3. Pass out “10 Reasons You’ll Never Succeed” pamphlets. 4. Ask every parent out. Tell them the kids will be fine on their own. 5. Pass out tooth brushesContinue reading “15 Awful Ways To Put Trick in Trick-or-Treat”

15 Tasteless Halloween Costume Ideas

1. A Home Invader – Nothing says trick like a home invasion! 2. Thriller Micheal Jackson – Get it — a zombie? Too soon? 3. Osama Bin Party Animal – The only act of terrorism is letting the keg go empty. 4. Jehovah’s Witnesses – Ring the doorbell of real Jehovah’s Witnesses until they answer!Continue reading “15 Tasteless Halloween Costume Ideas”