15 Tasteless Halloween Costume Ideas

1. A Home Invader – Nothing says trick like a home invasion!

2. Thriller Micheal Jackson – Get it — a zombie? Too soon?

3. Osama Bin Party Animal – The only act of terrorism is letting the keg go empty.

4. Jehovah’s Witnesses – Ring the doorbell of real Jehovah’s Witnesses until they answer!

5. Mormon Missionaries – Beat up the people dressed as Jehovah’s Witnesses claiming, “Our families celebrate birthdays.”

6. Buddhist Missionaries – Beat up everybody! Nothing says non-violence via violent enforcement.

7. A diabetic – Fake your own coma on the porch.

8. The Brane Multiverse Theory – It’s just too abstract for anyone to understand.

9. DEA Special Task Force – Insist that you are not in costume.

10. Crazy Ex – Go through the list of restraining orders downtown. Find a Crazy Ex that looks like you and show up on the doorstep of person whom ordered the restraining order.

11. A Dentist – Shake your head in disdain for each candy you get.

12. A Child Fundraiser – “Hello, I am selling candy to raise… you’re giving it away for free! Why would you do that to me?”

13. Ethnic Racial Stereotypes – Insist that racism is a very scary subject.

14. A Filibuster – Be that “fun sucking” vampire with a long winded story.

15. A Weary Traveler – Claim your car broke down in the woods and you need a place to stay. Become angry when they don’t try to kill you or at the very least have sex with you.

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