What’s Wrong With Being Rich?

Here is a fun cut and pastable letter to send to your favorite asshole: Dear -insert 1% name here- I don’t give a flying fuck that you are rich. Good for you. I do care when you use that wealth to support policy that benefits the needs of the few over the needs of theContinue reading “What’s Wrong With Being Rich?”

2012 Apocalypse Election

With the election not too far away, I wanted to give you my professional unbiased analysis of this year’s presidential candidates. And by professional, I mean some guy sitting at a computer. And by unbiased, I mean outrageously slanted. And by analysis, I mean that I’m completely making everything up. Gay Marriage: Obama: Had theContinue reading “2012 Apocalypse Election”

The Relativistic Effects on the Flash

Since I have been up to my ears in promoting the new album, I don’t really have anything this week so I dusted off an old Bunny Droppings entry. Enjoy! The Flash probably has a shitty dating life because of the Relativistic Effects of a person moving at near light speeds. For those of youContinue reading “The Relativistic Effects on the Flash”