A New Day For Women’s Rights

Women have reached a whole new level of liberation! Equal salary? Human rights in male dominated societies? A focus on the person rather than body image? A bikini that injects Botox? No… the ability to walk freely in the wild during their menstrual cycle and avoid bear attacks. Recent scientific discovery has proven that bearsContinue reading “A New Day For Women’s Rights”

Why LA Will Never Be Destroyed

Soon, my wife and I will be visiting the city that is destroyed in almost every disaster movie — LA. However, I really don’t think LA will ever be destroyed like in the movies.  Here are some typical city destruction scenarios and what LA will do about it: Tsunami – Lady Gaga’s hair will quicklyContinue reading “Why LA Will Never Be Destroyed”

We Need Just a Liter or Six

Last night was like a Doctor Who episode. My students were called out of the classroom to help the medical assisting students practice their blood drawing skills. Of course, my school really is a career college and not an alien plot to experiment on human test subjects… right? RIGHT? Aside from the fact that aContinue reading “We Need Just a Liter or Six”