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Playlist of the Ancient Dead

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Even though Amazon didn’t select my book for publication, everyone who supported me should still get a free copy. I do have one more favor to ask of you. If you enjoyed the book, please review it on Amazon. Reviews help independent authors get out there. People are more likely to purchase a book if it has reviews. Even a review of a couple sentences would suffice. Please help me out one more time with a review and enjoy your free copy. You can download the copy here.


Final Few Days to Nominate!

Playlist of the Ancient DeadI’m very pleased to say that my book has been on the “hot and trending” list almost the entire time it has been in the Amazon Kindle Scout competition. While you can only nominate once, I ask that anyone who would like to get their free copy, please ask a couple of friends to nominate this weekend. They’ll get a free copy too! A big final push would really help. Thank you everyone! Here’s the link:

Cowboys and Drones

Cowboys and Drones

On sale for a limited time only!

I’m going to switch gears today. Playlist of the Ancient Dead is still on the “hot and trending” list. It’s also been mentioned on Matt Molgaard’s Horror Novel Reviews and Essa on Everything. So keep letting your friends know about the book and thank you again for the support. Today, I wanted to announce my short story collection Cowboys and Drones. It’s almost all the short stories I’ve written in the past year in one collection. For Spiral fans wanting to read all the stories associated with the songs from Our Final Days on Bellicus Prime, the collection will include each story from the album and one called Rumspringa that will pair with a song from our new album. The collection also includes the entire Sperm Donor for a Cosmic Paradox collection. The cover art features Anna facing off with the Gold Piece Bandit from the Sperm Donor series and was made by the talented Albuquerque artist Rudy Lovato.

And an added bonus, the kindle edition will be on sale today for only $1. Enjoy. You can find the book here.

Halfway There!


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The Kindle Scout campaign for Playlist of the Ancient Dead is at the halfway mark. I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of support from every one of you and would like to thank you all. In addition, I’ve also been interviewed about the book. You can check out the interview here. The book is still “hot and trending” and I’d like to keep it there. If you haven’t shared the link, please share it. If you know anyone who may like the book, send them an email. After all, they’ll get a free copy. Here’s the link in easy to cut and paste form:

In other news, I’ve let promoting my short story collection, Cowboys and Drones, slip to the way side but I don’t want it forgotten.  For those of you who have been with me since the day I decided to write a story about the government shutdown during the government shutdown, the collection doesn’t have anything new. However, for those of you new to my work, it’s a fantastic way to get all the short stories in one collection. I’m even going to make it a better deal. Close to the release date of Feb. 12th, I’m going to put it on sale for 99 cents for a kindle copy! But it will be for a limited time, so be on the lookout. Also check out the cover art! It looks fantastic, and it was created by New Mexico artist Rudy Lovato. You can get the collection here.