Cowboys and Drones

Cowboys and Drones

On sale for a limited time only!

I’m going to switch gears today. Playlist of the Ancient Dead is still on the “hot and trending” list. It’s also been mentioned on Matt Molgaard’s Horror Novel Reviews and Essa on Everything. So keep letting your friends know about the book and thank you again for the support. Today, I wanted to announce my short story collection Cowboys and Drones. It’s almost all the short stories I’ve written in the past year in one collection. For Spiral fans wanting to read all the stories associated with the songs from Our Final Days on Bellicus Prime, the collection will include each story from the album and one called Rumspringa that will pair with a song from our new album. The collection also includes the entire Sperm Donor for a Cosmic Paradox collection. The cover art features Anna facing off with the Gold Piece Bandit from the Sperm Donor series and was made by the talented Albuquerque artist Rudy Lovato.

And an added bonus, the kindle edition will be on sale today for only $1. Enjoy. You can find the book here.

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