Footfalls on Creaking Floorboards – Part 1 #webserial #Halloween

The floorboards creaked while Angela tiptoed through the abandoned house. There were decayed shelving units built into the walls casting shadows that danced on the edge of her vision. She didn’t use her cell phone to light her way for fear of drawing too much attention to herself, so she made her way towards theContinue reading “Footfalls on Creaking Floorboards – Part 1 #webserial #Halloween”

Hayden’s Mistake #newsciencefiction #scifi

Hayden’s craft landed on Tek’Tu’Pat’s landing platform on the ocean. Tek was the wealthiest city of Nigramoto, and the landing platform was the largest on the entire planet. At a few hundred kilometers long and one hundred wide, it handled the entire off world transport. Every commercial, civilian, and military craft landed in different sectionsContinue reading “Hayden’s Mistake #newsciencefiction #scifi”