Othello and Zombies



A horror-comedy of Shakespearian proportions

I have another book that could be considered for a publishing deal with Amazon. This one is an adventure of Shakespearian proportions, and it has zombies. I need your help to even be considered. You can help by clicking the link below then clicking nominate. Not only will you get a free copy of the novel if you nominate and I’m accepted, but you’ll also help an indie author launch his career. I’m also going to sweeten the deal. If you nominate and comment below with your email address, (or fill out the contact form above), I’ll send you a free ebook copy of my Dystopian thriller Atmospheric Pressure.


You can read the first few chapters and nominate here:




      1. Dear Aaron: I already have ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. The support was well-earned. OTHELLO AND ZOMBIES is a hoot! I usually wouldn’t go for a book with impossible Romero-type zombies, but this was excellent. You’re up against three other fine SF and Fantasy books on the same date, though, including the YA. Bad timing—tough competition for votes. How did you send this contact form, if you didn’t already have my email?– EXCELSIOR!

  1. Thank you for the support! Glad you’re liking them! I’m not too worried about the competition. Kindle Scout has accepted books from the same genre on the same day before. I don’t think they decide based on “this or that” but rather individually of whether they think it will sell.


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