A Thank You and More

I couldn’t ask for a better group of readers. The Bison Agenda has gotten a lot of love from all of you, and your support is why I continue writing. If you want to continue to support it, leave a review here. Because you all are awesome, I’m going to give you the next book in the Time Burrito series, The Boy King of Carradine, for free as well. 

However, it’s still in the final editing stages, so you’ll have to wait until the I Hate Black Friday sale. That’s a sale I do every year when I give away a bunch of my books for free on kindle. If financial support is in the cards for you, consider pre-ordering The Boy King of Carradine. You’ll get it before Black Friday, and more importantly, you’ll be helping me grow the capacity to write more books!

I think you are going to love the The Boy King of Carradine. It’s my most researched book to date. I have packed more cultural references into this novel than in any comedy writing that I ever have done. I went down the rabbit hole of why Dave Navarro was booted from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to reading plot synopsizes of the TV show Arrow to name a few.

Sometimes, I would be doing all this research simply for the crafting of a one line joke! The third time Burrito novel is the equivalent of artisan craft beer of novel writing. It’s completely packed with notes that one could swish around in their brain and still might have to resort to wikipedia to find them all. (For the record, I do not and never will write wikipedia entries about myself. It will be one of the signs that I’ve made it as an author. I have a wikipedia page!).

It’s also a different sort of pop culture reference novel. A book like Ready Player One (which you should read if you haven’t. It’s quite good) relies on the audience being aware of most of the pop culture references at play. I decided to make my book more of a scavenger hunt. I’ve tried to put a reference to just about every Dave or David, out there. Believe me, I know there are plenty that I missed because I really couldn’t pack them all in without it reading like an encyclopedia of Daves.

It’s also a big risk for me, because I satirize religion. There are going to be folks out there that don’t like it because I’m examining faith. However, I do attempt to humanize the need for a belief in something bigger than oneself while scrutinizing the institutions of religion. A lot of comedy writers will attack the believer and the organization, whereas I hope to approach it as not ridiculing the need for faith, but rather the refusal to adapt ones beliefs when for example, the Earth is plainly older than six thousand years. One would assume that belief in something greater than oneself would also mean that whatever it is that is ‘greater’ is also beyond the institutions of humanity.

What I’m hoping for this book is that it’s something that promotes discussion. Whether it’s recounting things that made someone laugh, finding all those Dave references, or a deeper discussion about the need for faith and how people organize around it. 

In the meantime, I’m going to give a shout out to a couple of author friends who have helped support me, and now I want to support them.

The first is W Bradford Swift who is doing a project were kids can join a zoom meeting with their parents to read an eco-adventure book. The first book is free. More information about the meetings and the copy can be nabbed on his website here.

The second is Catherine Greenall, who has got a whole new cover and is doing a price drop of her book, A Quirk of Destiny. The price is dropped only for a limited time. It also has environmental themes. Here’s a quick description: When a terrible disease spreads throughout the world, a principled environmentalist must find out if it can be stopped. If he fails, humanity is doomed.

Thank you all. Don’t forget to leave a review of The Bison Agenda.

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Aaron Frale has been writing comedy for years. He won "Best Writer" as co-writer for a feature film called Hamlet: The Vampire Slayer at the B-Movie Film Fest in New York. You can check out an in depth review of Hamlet from the film critic Obscurus Lupa. Various plays, sketches, and films written by Aaron have been lurking about the Albuquerque scene. In May 2010 he received a Masters of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing from the University of New Mexico. Music is another one of his past times. His rock band, Spiral, was rated 9 out of 10 by the DPRP for their 2011 release The Capital in Ruins. He currently resides with his wife, Felicia, and a small black dog that thinks he is a giant black dog.. Check out his personal humor blog at: https://wontchangetheworld.com/ and his rock band: http://thespiral.bandcamp.com/

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