Series Titles


The number one space pirate in the galaxy…

…discovers she is the only one who can save it from utter decimation.

After stealing the most advanced Teristaque ship, Kal and her crew are pursued by an armada across the galaxy. Despite burning through space in the fastest vessel in the quadrant, there are too many factions after her to avoid them all.

Another spacecraft gets the drop on her. It’s Makiuarnek, the man who slaughtered her village, and he wants a truce.

There is evil brewing on her homeworld of Nigramoto, and the petty squabbles of the interstellar regimes are about to become inconsequential, and Kal is at the heart of it all.

She will either save all life in the galaxy or destroy it.

Time Burrito

Pete’s food truck at the University of New Mexico isn’t going well. Seniors dare freshman to eat his burritos. Frats use them for pledges and pranks. Rumors fly around campus that they are chupacabra ground up with rat.

Pete needs a change, and it comes in the form of a physics experiment gone awry. After being sucked into the past, he stumbles across an ingredient that goes great in one of his creations.

First, there was Marty McFly. Then there was Bill and Ted. And now Pete–


Being too close to the truth got Jon Xiong’s mother killed.

While searching for answers, a murderous cult shows up at his door.

A secretive organization called the Tuners comes to his aide and teaches him about his rare ability to travel between worlds called tuning.

He grapples with his new superpower and is stuck between those who would maintain order in the multiverse and those who would destroy it.

Jon must avoid the same gruesome fate as his mom and figure out what happened to his family.

Atmospheric Pressure

Olson lives in a city that has been sealed from the outside world. He’s an Eleven Year and close to citizenship. His life is upended when one of the few adults who cares about him commits suicide – or so it appears at first.

While investigating, Olson meets a girl named Natalie snooping around his school. He soon learns that one of her friends died under similarly mysterious circumstances.

Together, they start looking for answers, and end up discovering the city’s darkest secrets.

Individual Titles

Orion is dead… again.

Whether death comes from a stab wound, a bullet to the brain, or just plain dumb luck, he always comes back.

He is glad to have the opportunity because a princess in each life seems to be in trouble. Whether she’s a nurse in the Vietnam War or medieval English royalty…

…Orion is determined to win her over.

A young, idealistic financial crimes investigator finds a body in a ditch.

Reese investigates corporate fraud and discovers some joker has been giving away free couches to the needy, because when a person can no longer afford the subscription service fees, all their furniture disappears.

The bearer of sofas ends up in a ditch when blunt force trauma snuffs out the poor’s best chance of not living in an empty room their whole life.

Reese rolls up his sleeves. Time to get to work… until a drone strike almost wipes him out.

Maybe he’s onto something bigger than he thought?

Every time a bell rings, an elf gets his Glock.

As one of Santa’s Elite Fixers, Jing spends most of his time waterboarding greedy toy manufacturers or responding to terrorists holding Rudolph for ransom.

While not on the job, he relaxes in the North Pole, a paradise where he can forget all the killing and bloodshed and curl up to some Christmas music and hot cocoa.

Until a rogue group of elves betrays Santa and threatens what should have been a pleasant Christmas.

An ancient evil lurks under the city of Albuquerque…

Caroline discovers a doorway in a drab brick building in the middle of a park in Albuquerque where she walks her dog every day. There wasn’t a door there before.

Murphy, a government agent approaches Caroline about what she saw.

It’s nicknamed the warehouse, and there’s an dark presence inside.

And it’s coming for Caroline…

After her grandmother’s death, Maria decides to take time off to connect with her heritage.

She celebrates Day of the Dead after discovering a painting of her grandmother in a Day of the Dead mask.

Maria leaves a meal out for the deceased but something else eats the offering.

There is something hidden and dark in the desert and it wants Maria.

I ate thy brains ere I killed thee…

Shakespeare’s classic tale of hubris, paranoia, and betrayal is reimagined against the darkly comedic backdrop of the post-apocalypse…

…and zombies.

There was no time to think. The time agents are on his heels.

Agent 07760 was on the run because he asked a simple question. “What’s the future like?”

There was much information about the past. Historians would travel back and record, but 07760 was not allowed to travel to the future.

Why was future travel restricted to some mysterious agency division?

Jed finds out some disturbing news after a DNA test. He is his own great great grandfather. However, Jed’s daily struggles involve video games and crippling self doubt. He’s not the time traveling pioneer type. He may as well try to get to the bottom of the mystery. It’s at least a reason to get off his couch.

Anna is the time traveling type and Jed’s ex-girlfriend. She finds herself in the Old West in a town terrorized by a man called the Gold Piece Bandit. Jed better get off his butt and help her. Although Anna has never been the type to let the men do all the shooting.

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