Digby Wolfe

My mentor, Digby Wolfe, passed away. I took his comedy writing class probably about twelve times in college. He awakened a powerful force in my life and that force was the desire to make people laugh. Thus I am here writing a comedy blog. I started off as a computer science major in college andContinue reading “Digby Wolfe”

Jim Bob’s Methods for a Better Healthier You

Hi, I’m Jim Bob and I got some more health tips for you. Fit and healthy lifestyles can be achieved by anyone. I’m sure health experts have a shit ton of advice. I have more shit tons of advice. And who do you trust? A scientist that has been studying their whole life? Locked upContinue reading “Jim Bob’s Methods for a Better Healthier You”

Jeepers, It’s The Cops!

I felt like I was in a 1940’s gangster flick: Me: You’ll never catch me coppers! I ain’t coming out alive! Cop: That’s not a gun sir. Me: It’s a baseball bat! Cop: It’s a tea cup. Me: I’ll burn you! Cop: The tea looks lukewarm. Me: I might short out your radio. Huh? EverContinue reading “Jeepers, It’s The Cops!”


My wife and I finished watching the entirety of the X-Files. One episode featured shirtless Mitch Pileggi, who was surprisingly buff underneath the doofy balding boss exterior. His character, Skinner, was that fifties-nerd-looking-character, while sans shirt, who became a Vin Diesel type action hero, with plenty of chest hair. Bear in mind that the shavenContinue reading “WWMPD?”