5 DYI Weekend Projects

My wife loves HGTV. In every show, the cast transforms a house in the course of a half hour. Being a man that is not afraid to take action (via SCV’s in Starcraft II), I will roll up my sleeves and write about five home improvement projects someone else (I’m playing Starcraft II) can doContinue reading “5 DYI Weekend Projects”

10 Ways to Help the Environment

In today’s world of choking on poisonous air in a sweltering heat bath, anyone can save themselves from dying and maybe some birds too. Here are 10 ways to help the environment from the comfort of your own home. 1. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce Why flush human waste when you can reuse it? Take your unwantedContinue reading “10 Ways to Help the Environment”

Grilled To Your Satisfaction

From my book Free Advice: Just Add Money: (Now with better editing!) I recently bought a grill for my father. He loves the grill for its ease of use, light the gas then start grilling. Before the gas powered grill, every Sunday my father bought enough lighter fluid to burn down a small country andContinue reading “Grilled To Your Satisfaction”