Today is Rapture Day and I think we spend too much time focusing on the negative. Why not focus on the positive! Here some great things that will happen after the Rapture: 1. No more missionaries knocking on your door when you have something else you’d rather be doing. You will never have to explainContinue reading “Rapturiffic”

This “Bud’s” for You

Despite the illegal status of marijuana in our country, pot technology continues to grow in a vast and profitable industry. I really don’t know any illegal substance that has specialty shops, Rastafarian vendors, and doctors on staff ready to prescribe “back pain” remedies. Yes, in most medical marijuana states, the wacky tobaccy is a doctor’sContinue reading “This “Bud’s” for You”

Barbarians Fear No Ragnarok

For the last couple of days, Albuquerque has suffered usually low temperatures. New Mexico is woefully unprepared for weather that may require long underwear. Luckily, our governor has declared a state of emergency for weather most states consider as a mild winter. Due to the extreme lack of long underwear in New Mexico, Ragnarok hasContinue reading “Barbarians Fear No Ragnarok”