It broke! My bad!

Albuquerque is the filming location of In Plain Sight and Breaking Bad. For those of you living in a bubble that prevents access to the outside world, they are about witness protection and a high school chemistry teacher meth-cooker.  Of course, if you are living in a bubble without access to the outside, I’m notContinue reading “It broke! My bad!”

Barbarians Fear No Ragnarok

For the last couple of days, Albuquerque has suffered usually low temperatures. New Mexico is woefully unprepared for weather that may require long underwear. Luckily, our governor has declared a state of emergency for weather most states consider as a mild winter. Due to the extreme lack of long underwear in New Mexico, Ragnarok hasContinue reading “Barbarians Fear No Ragnarok”

Nice Kitty. Please Don’t Maul the Stock Broker.

Attracting a big cat no longer requires flexing those guns for your best friend’s mom while you rake her lawn. Calvin Klein has a cologne scientifically proven to grab the attention of that special cougar. Lovemaking will be in your future with this scent. However instead of your friend’s mother, I mean Jaguar and insteadContinue reading “Nice Kitty. Please Don’t Maul the Stock Broker.”

The Final Episode of Lost

Lost aired the final episode last night, which involved Jack corking the Island’s wine bottle. Now I’ve ruined the lives of anyone who hasn’t seen the final episode. You’re welcome. My friends decided to have a Lost finale party, where we eat diner, then watch 2 and half hours of Lost and probably twelve hoursContinue reading “The Final Episode of Lost”