One Backpack to Rule Them All

My wife is about to buy a backpack simply called Q. Which is an amazing name for a bag due to a variety of reasons. First and foremost, Q is an omnipotent being, from a place called the Continuum, who uses vast cosmic power to tool around with the crew the from the Star TrekContinue reading “One Backpack to Rule Them All”

Come to Albuquerque this Summer!

Looking for travel plans this summer? Take a look at this old Bunny Droppings file for all the Albuquerque travel faqs you’ll need. Sorry no faqing refunds. Q: Do I need a passport to travel to New Mexico? A: New Mexico is a state of the United States (1912) last time I checked a historyContinue reading “Come to Albuquerque this Summer!”

The Goonies – 2005

In celebration of visiting Oregon this Christmas, I decided to round up an Oregon related Bunny Droppings file. Ever wonder what those Astoria based 80’s adventurers are doing twenty years later? Here’s a chance to find out: Chunk – Became a male stripper. Incorporated the truffle shuffle into his set. Widely successful. Had three seasonsContinue reading “The Goonies – 2005”