Kitten Pharmacuticals

This week on the Kitten and the Restless… Kit Furcoat purrs her way into the Paws Club but not before Henrik Fuzzington confronts her about her long lost brother, Mewvius Furcoat. He was lost in the Amazon river basin with Jed Whiskerly, Xing Mew, and Catherine St. PurrMewSniff. Meanwhile, the mafia boss Scratch Biting andContinue reading “Kitten Pharmacuticals”

Ideas That Won’t Change The World #1

1. Why do people always freak out when they untwist a soda bottle and it fizzes over? Why don’t they simply twist it back down? I’m glad surgeons don’t freak out. “Oh crap! It’s gushing everywhere! Quick! Put it over the sink!” 2. In an effort to be more green, the US should grow soldiers.Continue reading “Ideas That Won’t Change The World #1”

25 Ways Not to Avoid a Traffic Violation

From the Bunny Droppings files: 1. “I was only going that fast because the next liquor store is fifty miles away and I’m starting to sober up.” 2. Point and scream, “What the hell is that?” Then speed away. 3. Laugh at the cop because he looks like a balding version of the principal fromContinue reading “25 Ways Not to Avoid a Traffic Violation”

Insurgent Wedding Extravaganza

In the wide world of wedding planning, we recently discovered that the cost of marriage in the Caribbean is affordable. This turn of event planning, came about when my fiancé was looking at the Island chain where her job owns a facility. She briefly mused about the prospects of transferring to an island paradise. WhilstContinue reading “Insurgent Wedding Extravaganza”