Atmospheric Pressure 3 Cover and More

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And now without further ado, the cover art of Atmospheric Pressure 3, and I’m going to say that it’s my favorite cover art so far. Phil Hughes, the cover artist, did an amazing job: 

I am very lucky to have patrons to help fund cover art and editing fees. If you’d like to be one of those people, and get a special edition of Atmospheric Pressure 3 that includes all three books in one, consider becoming a Patreon member.

A New Fantasy Novel

Creepy HouseI know. I know. I’m supposed to be telling you right now that the third and final Atmospheric Pressure novel is coming out, and it will. I’m finished. I’m delaying the release because I want it done right. I have some really awesome cover art, and haven’t even sent it to the editor yet. Mainly because I’m waiting for royalties to come in order to pay those folks.

You can contribute to paying my editor and cover artist by signing up for Patreon. Each time I release a book, you get a really cool special edition. In the meantime, check out the Tuners audiobook. My narrator, Sean Winkless-Hall, is really good. It’s just cool to listen too.

And finally, why the spooky picture of Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon? Well, my next book is a Fantasy novel, about some teenagers from the Portland area who get sucked into an adventure by and evil overlord who lives with his highly critical mother. Yep, if you haven’t guessed, I’m a writing a Time Burrito style fantasy novel.

It will have Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarfs, wizards, spells, sword fights, and captains who decapitate their underlings. What’s a good fantasy novel without bullying some underlings? It’s nothing like I’ve written before, and I’ve already release tidbits on Twitter. Look for my posts labeled Sneak Preview.

If Time Burrito made you laugh, I’m hoping this one will make you poop yourself (except not really because I don’t want to be sued over soiled undergarments). Pay attention to this space. More will come.

$1 Burritos

Amazon is going to include Time Burrito for 99 cents in its Kindle Daily Deal section on Friday, 1/29/21. For those of you not in the publishing industry, that’s pretty big news for me. It means that I will access a whole bunch of new readers, who normally wouldn’t see the book among the millions of titles Amazon has for sale.

While it’s not the kind of news that allows me to quit my day job, pop the Champaign, and write full time. It’s definitely a good step in that direction. So, if you like what I write, and would like to see me dedicate more hours of my day writing it, it’s a good time to leave a review or tell a friend, every little bit helps.

I’m also going to put The Bison Agenda up for sale for 99 cents on that day too. I would have done the third book, but Amazon lets you discount your books only so many times in a given period. Also, my apologies to my international friends. I don’t know if it will be on sale elsewhere, but would love to hear reports, so I know what to expect in the future.

As far as Atmospheric Pressure 3 is concerned, I am almost done with the first draft. Then I go to the dreaded editing phase. That’s where I have the least fun with writing, but probably the most important step. After that it’s off to my editor for grammar checking, and my cover artist, Phil Hughes, who has done all three novels, will be busy working at the cover art as well.

Finally, I want to share with you this article I read recently about climate change. While I personally have a more optimistic view on life, and believe people can and will solve the problems, (there is also good evidence to support that belief). I also value being aware of the dangers we face. 

That’s part of the reason, why I wrote the Atmospheric Pressure series to begin with. Science Fiction can act as a canary in the coal mine. The dramatic stories of doom, death, and destruction are the wake up call. Rather than throw our hands up in the air and say, “there’s nothing I can do about that,” why not shift our mentality to is there something I can do?

While Dystopian narratives might leave us with the feeling that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, I wanted to end mine with a message of hope and empowerment. So, the third atmospheric pressure book will have an experimental ending for it’s genre. I’ll be curious to see what you all think about it.

While you are waiting for Atmospheric Pressure 3, why not check out an author friend of mine’s book:

A naturally immune girl. A genetically modified boy. A search for a cure that may cost them everything…

Fifteen-year-old Jema Walker would do anything to protect her sibling. But she never imagined they’d be facing another global flu pandemic. Sent to a remote desert location for safety, Jema is horrified when her sister contracts the deadly virus.

Caught in a conflict of impossible choices, Jema teams up with a specially bred eighteen-year-old boy to find a remedy. But when they’re forced to go rogue and abandon their community, she fears the ruling adults only want them for their uniquely protected DNA.

Can the duo hunt down an antidote before they fall victim to ruthless experiments?

Lovelock Ones is the first book in the action-packed Lovelock YA dystopian science fiction series. If you like bold heroines, strong heroes, and post-apocalyptic settings, then you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s thrilling fight for survival.

Thank you for reading!

Some thoughts on the end of the world.

In case, you missed it. Time Burrito is free once again until this Saturday. Now that I got that out of the way, I’d like to share with you some thoughts:

I realized that part of why I write science fiction is because I’m fascinated with technology, and not in the gadget sort of way. Sure, my Christmas tree this year can be lit by saying, “Alexa, turn on the Christmas tree” and my 3-yr-old son will often say, “Alexa, play Street Cleaner.” But tech doesn’t inspire me to write novels. One of the things that gets me writing is fundamental questions about the survival of our species and how technology for better or worse is a part of that equation.

Even though I love and write dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction, I don’t stay up at night wondering about when Skynet will awaken to take us all down. While there is a reason for concern, AI taking over the world seems like one of many possibilities. I can easily see a hyper intelligent AI deciding humans are pretty boring and building itself spaceship to go explore the stars, or a nurturing AI that thinks, “Silly humans, if you only knew what’s good for you,” and all the world’s problems being solved.

What if the first hyper intelligent AI after crunching through all of human knowledge decides to take up cross stitching? Seems just as likely as the AI bent on destroying the world. The point is that when it comes to AI and technology, while the fun-to-read narratives are the ones that focus on scary things like Missiles of DOOM!, I think there are far more threating stuff in the world, and I try to have my stories reflect that idea.

That’s why I wrote the Atmospheric Pressure series. The big dystopian threat to the world in those stories was climate change. In the first book, I introduced a place where people were forced to live inside what used to be downtown Minneapolis. I picked that location because I used to work in downtown in what was then the McGladery building (which changed names after I published the first book). Since Minnesotans know how to deal with cold weather and you could theoretically live in the 11 square miles of skyway connected city without ever going outside, it was perfect.

I remember weaving through the buildings on my lunch break, and thinking in terms of three buildings down, past the Starbucks and take the tunnel on the right. I literally could get anywhere through what felt like a maze to me the first time I was there. In fact, I gave my wife a tour of downtown, and she was lost. The funny part was that I was also lost when I went outside the buildings. While I probably could still walk to the Taco John’s from the IDS center today, I couldn’t tell you what street it was on, only what the corridors connecting to it look like.

This was a perfect setting for an idea I had about bacteria changing our atmosphere that was based on an historical event. Deep in Earth’s past, there was a climate catastrophe and a mass extinction. A new critter emerged called cyanobacteria, and they released a byproduct that was poisonous to things living on the planet at the time. That byproduct was oxygen, and hello world we have today.

Which of course if it happened once? Could it happen again? Which got my wheels turning about permafrost melting and releasing bacteria into the environment, and now there’s a recipe for a climate change apocalypse with the same threat level as Missiles of DOOM!

The reality of climate change is that it’s a slow process. The stability of the economy and the health of the world will erode as the hurricanes get worse, the heatwaves last for longer, the droughts are relentless, and the wildfires burn more and more. It won’t be something fun and cataclysmic like a narrative like Skynet. It will be more like heart disease, the system gets withered down until one day it finds itself in the hospital unaware that it was the triple cheese burgers all along!

Hopefully, the Atmospheric Pressure series can be one of the many canaries in the coal mine as people attempt to steer the largest boat in history in a new direction. I’d much rather be sitting in my floating green construction castle (or whatever writers are living in forty years from now), and have someone find a beat up copy of my book in their Dad’s basement and say, “Well, that didn’t happen” then “Holy crap, Aaron predicted the end of the world!”

So it is with great pleasure that I announce, the third and final Atmospheric Pressure book is in progress. You will have an ending. Promise! It’s never too early to reserve your Patreon special edition of Atmospheric Pressure 3.

Black Friday Sucks! Read a Book Instead.

It’s that special time of year where shoppers trample each other for a deal. Of course with COVID19, knife fighting for that last laptop in a Walmart parking lot should be at an all-time low this year. Either way, why risk being shanked for the latest iPhone when you can enjoy reading from your kindle at home? So let’s celebrate capitalism with completely free books! A dozen free books to be exact. My writing is perfect for folks looking for feel good action/adventure novels to avoid the grim realities of 2020. Here’s the list and scroll down for the descriptions.

The Boy King of Carradine
Xmas Elf: Secret Agent
The Robin Hood of Couches
Othello and Zombies
Atmospheric Pressure
Kal’s Fall
Kal’s Truth
Hayden’s Mistake
Cowboys & Drones
Playlist of the Ancient Dead

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The Holy Church of Dave has mocked Zeb all his life for the silly notion that the almighty Dave was once a man. Determined to prove them wrong, he finds the DNA of the savior. The resurrection of his lord turns out to be Pete, and the apostles are the time-traveling pals Clara, Misako and Unk.

Now, Zeb and the outta time gang are caught in a holy war between the Davist and Davidite factions. If the papacy leaders, the Holiest of Holies Chappelle and Schwimmer, don’t see eye to eye about the true meaning of their messiah, they’ll destroy the entire world in the endless, bloody conflict.

Packed full of David references and Boreanaz-style action, don’t miss The Boy King of Carradine, the next novel in the Time Burrito series that’s sure to get you excommunicated in stitches. Get The Boy King of Carradine for free.

As one of Santa’s Elite Fixers, Jing spends most of his time waterboarding greedy toy manufacturers or responding to terrorists holding Rudolph for ransom. While not on the job, he relaxes in the North Pole, a paradise where he can forget all the killing and bloodshed and curl up to some Christmas music and hot cocoa.

Until a rogue group of elves betrays Santa and threatens what should have been a pleasant Christmas.

Every time a bell rings, an elf gets his Glock. Get Xmas Elf for free.

Orion is dead again. Whether death comes from a stab wound, a bullet to the brain, or just plain dumb luck, he always comes back. He is glad to have the second chances because there is a princess in each life who seems to be in trouble. Whether she’s a nurse in the Vietnam war or medieval English royalty, Orion is determined to win her over. Get ORION for free.

Kal has always been considered too “fragile” to participate in the village activities. Her lithe stature links her to her father and distances her from everyone else. He left the village to fight in the Teristaque Wars and never returned. She meets Sarge, a strange star species of the human race who seems to know the secret of the patch from her father’s uniform. Kal has always known she is different than her fellow villagers, and finally she may be closer to finding out why. Get the story for free here.

After the slaughter of her village, Kal is imprisoned for aiding the criminal who betrayed her to the Teristaques. A military insignia from her father’s uniform is all that remains of her family, and of the father who left before her birth. She meets Hayden, an attractive young human inmate who appears to have information about her father’s platoon. An insane prison doctor has made test subjects of the general population, and finds Kal’s physiology intriguing. She is forced to forge an alliance to strike out before she becomes another failed experiment. Get Kal’s Truth for free.

Hayden made planet fall as the newest member of his squad. Nigramoto was a world known for its beauty and danger. After screwing up an easy task in the city, Hayden landed his troop an assignment in the dangerous frontier. Desperate to gain the trust of his fellow soldiers back, Hayden finds himself assisting a racist police state. Hayden doesn’t know if he can remain silent about the conduct of his unit much longer and wouldn’t know who to trust. Get Hayden’s Mistake for free.

Tuners is free until 12/1/20

Being too close to the truth got Jon Xiong’s mother killed. While searching for answers, a murderous cult shows up at his door.

A secretive organization called the Tuners comes to his aide and teaches him about his rare ability to travel between worlds called tuning.

He grapples with his new superpower and is stuck between those who would maintain order in the multiverse and those who would destroy it. Jon must avoid the same gruesome fate as his mom and figure out what happened to his family. Read Tuners for free now.

Reese investigates corporate fraud and discovers some joker has been giving away free couches to the needy, because when a person can no longer afford the subscription service fees, all their furniture disappears. The bearer of sofas ends up in a ditch when blunt force trauma snuffs out the poor’s best chance of not living in an empty room their whole life. Reese rolls up his sleeves. Time to get to work. Read The Robin Hood of Couches for free now.

Shakespeare’s classic tale of hubris, paranoia, and betrayal is reimagined against the darkly comedic backdrop of the post-apocalypse. … And zombies.

I ate thy brains ere I killed thee… Read Othello and Zombies for free now.

Olson lives in a city that has been sealed from the outside world. He’s an Eleven Year and close to citizenship. His life is upended when one of the few adults who cares about him commits suicide – or so it appears at first. While investigating, Olson meets a girl named Natalie snooping around his school. He soon learns that one of her friends died under similarly mysterious circumstances. Together, they start looking for answers, and end up discovering the city’s darkest secrets. Read Atmospheric Pressure for free now.

Cowboys and Drones is a collection of short stories including:

The Entire Sperm Donor for a Cosmic Paradox Series:

Jed finds out some disturbing news after a DNA test. He is his own great great grandfather. However, Jed’s daily struggles involve video games and crippling self doubt. He’s not the time traveling pioneer type. He may as well try to get to the bottom of the mystery. It’s at least a reason to get off his couch.

Anna is the time traveling type and Jed’s ex-girlfriend. She finds herself in the Old West in a town terrorized by a man called the Gold Piece Bandit. Jed better get off his butt and help her. Although Anna has never been the type to let the men do all the shooting. Read Cowboys and Drones for free now.

Caroline, a post-graduate student, waits for her grand adventure in life. While she’s waiting, she walks the dog down the same path every day, avoids her dippy ex-boyfriend, and ponders her mundane march towards middle age. Her dream comes true when a magical doorway appears before her in a drab brick building. There is something on the other side of the door, and it beckons her inside. Read Playlist of the Ancient Dead for free now.

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