If You Enjoyed Time Burrito—

Time Burrito has had a fantastic release, and I have all of you to thank for it. I really appreciate the support this book has seen. The free promotion was a resounding success of over 5000 downloads, and reviews seem to show people are enjoying the book. If you want to help, consider leaving aContinue reading “If You Enjoyed Time Burrito—”

Footfalls on Creaking Floorboards – Part 2 #Horror #Halloween

Angela stepped into the darkness of the basement. The floor creaked, and she could feel it bend under her weight as if it would snap under the pressure. The next step was equally as perilous. The darkness closed in around her as she went further and further down. She thought about her media arts instructor.Continue reading “Footfalls on Creaking Floorboards – Part 2 #Horror #Halloween”