Great Conspiracies

Since I am a purveyor of fine truths since 2010, I want to shed light on some of the more notorious cover-ups in history. What happened: In 2004, George Bush won the election against John Kerry after a voter recount. What Really Happened: Toucan Sam really won the election. What we don’t know is thatContinue reading “Great Conspiracies”

Jeepers, It’s The Cops!

I felt like I was in a 1940’s gangster flick: Me: You’ll never catch me coppers! I ain’t coming out alive! Cop: That’s not a gun sir. Me: It’s a baseball bat! Cop: It’s a tea cup. Me: I’ll burn you! Cop: The tea looks lukewarm. Me: I might short out your radio. Huh? EverContinue reading “Jeepers, It’s The Cops!”

Eat, Drink and Be Larry

All this Hamlet The Vampire Slayer happenings makes me nostalgic for the Eat, Drink and Be Larry days. The days when doing the fine art of theatre involved dressing up like Yoda: I always find comedy to be fascinating in that it’s always part of the fringe.  For example, there is a theatre group inContinue reading “Eat, Drink and Be Larry”

Hamlet The Vampire Slayer Retrospective

A Review of a Review A while back, Obscurus Lupa (Allison) and Oancitizen (Kyle) did a review of Hamlet The Vampire Slayer. Allison and Kyle made a wonderful episode. On a side note, I feel weird calling them by the names of the characters they play on their web series. To me, that’s like callingContinue reading “Hamlet The Vampire Slayer Retrospective”