12 Google Graphics You Won’t See Anytime Soon

My wife recently had a birthday and on the day Google made a Google graphic just for her (my computer had the regular Google site). When you click on it, the graphic went to her Google Plus profile. It was cute and made me realize that there are certain Google graphics you’ll never see: 1.Continue reading “12 Google Graphics You Won’t See Anytime Soon”

15 Tasteless Halloween Costume Ideas

1. A Home Invader – Nothing says trick like a home invasion! 2. Thriller Micheal Jackson – Get it — a zombie? Too soon? 3. Osama Bin Party Animal – The only act of terrorism is letting the keg go empty. 4. Jehovah’s Witnesses – Ring the doorbell of real Jehovah’s Witnesses until they answer!Continue reading “15 Tasteless Halloween Costume Ideas”