Korn Fights for the Rights of Drivers!

Technorati apparently needs me to write a code into my blog in order for it to be included in their directory.


Rather than grumble and complain about what will the readers think? I’ll attempt to turn it in into a new internet acronym like LOL (Laugh Out Loud) or ROTFLMAO (Good Chuckle Old Chap, What a Rumpus Musing). So here goes:

Will Korn Kick Your Jerk 6x Turbo 53′ Royce McShithead!

The next time you are in traffic and a 6x Turbo 1953 Rolls Royce cuts you off, fret not. The Adidas wearing nu metal band from the nineties, Korn, will fight your right to drive unimpeded in your lane. You now have an acronym to yell out the window at the offending driver!