10 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe from Sexual Predators

While¬†children are in no greater risk from sexual predators on Halloween than any other day of the year, better safe than sorry. Here are some tips to avoid sexual predators this Halloween. 1. Rig your kid with explosive paint dye. Use that dye they put in fake bills for bank robberies. 2. Adopt Newt GringrichContinue reading “10 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe from Sexual Predators”

15 Awful Ways To Put Trick in Trick-or-Treat

1. Dress as Ronald Reagan and give out I.O.U. trickle down notes. 2. Give out Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with a leak in the package. 3. Pass out “10 Reasons You’ll Never Succeed” pamphlets. 4. Ask every parent out. Tell them the kids will be fine on their own. 5. Pass out tooth brushesContinue reading “15 Awful Ways To Put Trick in Trick-or-Treat”