Free Books and Tuners 2

ReverberationseBookWith so many people out of work, I have decided to give away free books. Since many of my books are escapism with a some humor baked for a serving a of genre fiction fun. I figure they will help people escape the news cycle even if it is for a little while.

Since I can’t really fight the virus, I can at least help people stay entertained. I will be giving them away lots of free books in the coming weeks. Today only, you can get Othello and Zombies. Saturday (4/11) through Wednesday, you can get Time Agency.

As for Tuners, the second book is out right now. Keep in mind the whole trilogy will be $2 on Kindle 5/11/20. But if you can help me out and want to read it right away, you can do so now.

Thank you and support each other.

Tuners & COVID19

Aaron Frale ebook (1)I’m sure a lot of you around the world are in a situation right now where you are dealing with a March and April that didn’t go as expected. Locked away in a basement in Montana with my wife and two-year-old son is how I’m going to spend the next few months. I realized that people are going to need something to read during that time that is a nice escape that has nothing to do with viruses, so I’ve bumped up the timeline for Tuners. The first book is out right now.

The second and third will be out soon. I’m still in the middle of doing my final edits. I had originally planned to release all three in May. Since many of you may be out of a job, and can’t afford the book, I am dropping the price of the first one to 99 cents indefinitely, and I plan to do a free download for the first book on 5/11/20, and I’ll drop the price of the second two during that time to 99 cents. So the whole series will be $2 on 5/11/20 (Sorry I can’t do it sooner. I have some obligations to those dates because I thought it’d be out in May).

Lastly, my apologies to my Patreon Patrons. Normally, you would get to read the book before anyone else, but since the editing for the second two isn’t done, I can’t send paperbacks out. I’ll make it up to you with some free book downloads when I charge for your support around 4/25/20 (you also have till then to back out of it as well).

Thank you all for your support, and I hope you stay safe and healthy.

The Tuners Are Coming

A couple of years ago, I started writing a trilogy about a group of teens who heard the sound of nearby parallel universes and could travel to them. It started with a conversation where my wife and I were talking about how malls are the same everywhere, and if there was a multiverse, Forever 21 would find a way to put a store there (this all happened while we were walking past a Forever 21 and commenting how if we stepped into a parallel world would we even know it).

This trilogy is probably the most exciting and action-packed thing I ever wrote. Because I had decided not to share it until the last book was done, it took some turns and twists I didn’t expect because I could always go back and rewrite the first book. I am ready to release all three, and I’m going to do it on the same day. If you want to get a copy before anyone else does, go to my patreon page. I am going to give you all three, and the best part is I’m not going to change the prices. That’s right, you get all three for the price of one.  Stay tuned to this space for more information. In the meantime, help support one of my colleagues with his new release, The Fringe Candidate. Here is a sneak peek at the cover art of book 1:

Aaron Frale ebook (1)In the void between universes, a secretive organization called the Tuners works to maintain peace in the multiverse. The stability is threatened when a group of religious radicals seek to burn all those who do not believe. Jon Xiong, a seventeen-year-old from Montana, gets caught up in much bigger problems when the cult members appear at his home. The order wants him because he has the ability distinguish the subtle differences of the cosmic background noise between universes. He can tune, and now he is a foot soldier stuck between those who would maintain order in the universe and those who would destroy it. Some gift tuning turned out to be.